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Empowering brands with innovation, KAHLAB is a dynamic force merging strategic prowess with unparalleled expertise in branding. Our team of seasoned professionals breathes life into ideas, crafting compelling content, and spearheading brand journeys. Fueled by a commitment to people, we deliver creativity, captivating content, and unmatched branding excellence, propelling businesses to new heights


Kreative Manager


Business Strategist

Kahlil B. Martin, MBA

Randy Mbouge

A dynamic force at KAHLAB. Armed with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and Technology, coupled with an MBA emphasizing Marketing and Project Management.

Kahlil possesses a unique blend of technical acumen and strategic business insight. Since 2016, he has been a driving force in content creation, seamlessly merging creativity with a results-driven approach.


Business owners can trust Kahlil to bring a holistic perspective to their projects, ensuring a perfect blend of innovation, marketability, and operational excellence at Kreate Productions.

Randy is a seasoned professional, bringing a wealth of expertise to the team. 


As a holder of a green belt in Lean Six Sigma, Randy is dedicated to driving operational excellence and process improvement. 


His commitment to agile methodologies is underscored by his recent achievement of the SAFE RTE 5.0 certification, solidifying his position as a key player in ensuring efficient and streamlined project delivery at KAHLAB.

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